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Simpson Sponsorship Program



Crystal Clear Educare Packages for Students in Foster Care

At the heart of our organization is our desire to serve as an advocate and resource for students in the foster care system. The following statement was made in an article entitled, “Educational Needs of Children in Foster Care and Adoption” by the North American Council on Adoptable Children: “Children in foster care are more likely than children and youth who are not involved in child welfare to have been exposed to trauma, more likely to have changed schools, more likely to have moved from one home to another, and less likely to have access to comprehensive assessments. As a result of these life experiences and system failures, children and youth in foster care are more likely to have difficulty in school than other children and youth. Many adopted children and youth have difficulty as well. For example, foster children and youth are more likely to repeat a grade, do worse on standardized tests, or drop out of school. Many foster children and youth change schools far too often as they change foster care placements, and school changes hinder academic achievement.”

According to fosteringchamps.org, foster care students are twice that of other students to be absent from school and face out-of-school suspension. In addition, in 2015, it was recorded that 70% – 84% of 17-18-year-olds desired to go to college, but only 31.8%-45.3% actually enrolled in college at some level.

We see the statistics and Custom-Taylored Educare’s Simpson Sponsorship Program is designed to make a difference in the lives of high school students in the foster care system. Our virtual platform will allow us to always be a constant in these children’s lives, even as switch households and change schools. We will ultimately assist in their transition from high school to college and/or their career.

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In Loving Memory of

Crystal Simpson

Ms. Simpson was a mother to many children. Her endless love and pure heart was evident by the countless hours she spent helping the next generation as they fought hopelessness, poverty, and low self-esteem. She made it her duty to love them through it and ensure that they knew they were someone special. She had a way of making every life she encountered feel like they were more than capable. Her eye and ear for greatness were microscopic, as she was keen on details no one else could see and had an ear for unspoken words. Crystal fulfilled her God-given purpose as a wife to K.T. Simpson, mother to many, and supreme educator. Her legacy will live on.

Ms. Simpson served as a Principal of Dodge Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, and was a recipient of the Milken Educator Award for her exemplary work in raising student achievement.