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Crystal Estates Rwanda


Short-term accommodation and coworking space

We are partnering with Crystal Estates Rwanda to build a short-term accommodation and coworking space overlooking Lake Muhazi, an hour outside of Kigali, Rwanda. Our space will allow people all over world to come retreat, inspire, collaborate, and invest in the next generation of change agents and thought leaders.

The income generated from our investment property will not only serve as a way for our fund to be more sustainable, but also profits will be reinvested in young entrepreneurs who have ideas that target any of the following: food security, education, poverty, health, clean energy, gender equity, and clean water and sanitation.

Our presence in Rwanda marks the beginning of our social impact investments in the Africa Region.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to secure almost half an acre of land in Rwamagana, Rwanda, overlooking Lake Muhazi.

Our Executive Director (Nande Imani Taylor) at the land transfer signing.

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