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Frequently asked Questions

What is patient capital?

Patient capital is long-term investments that focus more on the impact investees would have on the world, rather than the financial gains we will be making.

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Who is eligible for patient capital (loans and equity)?


  • Entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 25
  • For-profit startup companies that fit one of our six priority areas: End hunger, clean water and sanitation, no poverty, gender Equality, good health and well-being, affordable and clean energy.
Does the Simpson Children's Fund award grants?

We only award grants to nonprofit organizations and trade programs that focus on providing educational and educational support services to underserved populations between the ages of 5 and 25.

    Is anyone over the age of 25 eligible for financial support?

    Our only exception to our age requirement are business owners who have a nonprofit organization or a trade school that provides educational or educational support services to underserved populations.

    How do I apply for funding?

    We will accept applications when our fund is able to support entrepreneurs. We are currently building our fund by way of donations.

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    How will the Simpson Children's Fund spend the money that is donated?

    The money that is donated will be used to pursue investment opportunities that will help grow the fund, so we will be able to reinvest our money and time into more entrepreneurs who meet our criteria.

    Do we get to choose the investment area in which we would like to contribute?

    You will be able to choose an investment area with a donation of at least $1,000. Upon completing the donation form, we will reach out to you about your area of priority.

    Do you have your tax-exempt status as a nonprofit organization?

    Yes, we do! You will be able write off any money that is donated on your taxes under charitable donations. Our EIN number is 87-1397127.

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