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in loving memory of

Crystal Simpson

Ms. Simpson was a mother to many children. Her endless love and pure heart were evident by the countless hours she spent helping the next generation as they fought hopelessness, poverty, and low self-esteem. She made it her duty to love them through it and ensure that they knew they were someone special. She had a way of making every life she encountered feel like they were more than capable. Her eye and ear for greatness were microscopic, as she was keen on details no one else could see and had an ear for unspoken words. Crystal fulfilled her God-given purpose as a wife to K.T. Simpson, mother to many, and supreme educator. Her legacy will live on.

Ms. Simpson left her career as an engineer to pursue a career in teaching. She served as a Principal of Dodge Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, and was a recipient of the Milken Educator Award for her exemplary work in raising student achievement.


Our Founder

The  Organization’s  Founder,  Nande Imani Taylor,  obtained a Master of Public Health degree  with  a  concentration  in  Global  Health  Leadership  from  the  University  of  Southern California.  Nande  has  traveled  the  world  and  has  witnessed  firsthand  the  association  between poverty and negative health outcomes in communities near and far. These experiences have given her the vision to initiate a worldwide movement for the next generation. 

Nande has made it her mission in life to address the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world:

      • No Poverty (1)
      • End Hunger (2)
      • Good Health and Well-Being (3)
      • Quality Education (4)
      • Gender Equality (5)
      • Clean Water and Sanitation (6)
      • Affordable and Clean Energy (7)


About Us

The Simpson Children’s Fund is for change agents and thought leaders who are destined to create jobs and ignite change.

We have chosen to combine the heart of philanthropy and the mind of venture capital because we believe that this is the best way to make an impact globally and to ensure the sustainability of our fund. What sets us apart is that our target for grant recipients and investees are young adults between the ages of 15 and 25. We believe that they have what it takes to innovate, create, and build something the world desperately needs.

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